1. taste, flavor, savor; sniff, scent, tang, tincture, pungency, aroma; relish, sapor, sapidity; essence, character, zest, piquancy, poignancy.
2. trace, hint, idea, tinge, suspicion, soupcon; touch, speck, sprinkling, dusting, dash.
3. mouthful, bite, morsel, tidbit; chew, Dial. chaw, bit, crumb, grain; thimbleful, spoonful, ounce, dollop, splash; shot, Inf. swig, Sl. hit, Sl. slug, drop, dot, driblet; Inf. little taste, sample, test bite or slice, sampling.
4.Usu. smack of
resemble, be similar to, be like, bear resemblance to; appear like, seem like, sound like; look like, take after, favor, remind one of, bring to mind; have the earmarks of, have the stamp of, have the hallmark of; approximate, come close to, come near to; follow the fashion of, parallel, follow, correspond to; accord with, copy, simulate, imitate, counterfeit.
1. strike, slap, hit, smite, thwack; cuff, buffet, knock, punch, box; Inf. clout, Inf. slug, Inf. whack, Inf. knock [s.o.'s] block off, Inf. crown, Sl. bash, Sl. bop, Sl. plug, Sl. belt, Sl. sock; beat, batter, pound, lay on, Sl. lay into; pommel, pummel, pelt, Sl. paste.
2. drive, hit hard, impel, push forward; slam, hammer, pound, bang, tap smartly, drive in or home, Inf. send home.
3. blow, hit, bastinado, punch, Inf. wallop, Inf. whomp; thwack, slap, Inf. clout.
4.Informal. kiss, loud kiss, Inf. buss, Inf. smooch, osculation; salute, accolade, handkiss.
5.Informal. directly, straight, Inf. smack-dab, plumb.

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